The Future of Work – The impact of technology and artificial intelligence

Against an enormously challenging background arising from the impact of COVID-19, the increasing economic damage emerging from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, combined with a slowdown in global growth and rising inflation, energy and food prices, countries in Europe and the Gulf have been endeavouring to continue restructuring their economies to provide appropriate employment opportunities in a rapidly changing labour market. 

The increasing role of technology and artificial intelligence in the workplace and how we embrace the many uncertainties associated with it, are key issues to be examined in this context.

This important Bussola webinar will examine the opportunities and challenges for governments, employers and employees in adapting to the digital age and for organisations in equipping themselves with new capabilities to meet the pace and scale of technological disruption.  

A panel of leading international experts will discuss the impact that artificial intelligence is having in the workplace and the continuing influence of technology on trends in the labour market, the delivery of education and in the wider economy and society.