Rebuilding Sustainable Societies - Support for Education in Conflict Zones

Armed conflict around the world brings with it devastating human consequences, with the impact on children and young people often being the most damaging in the long term.  Conflict regularly deprives children and young people of their access to education, resulting in a hugely detrimental effect on their personal, social and emotional development and on their ability to engage constructively in rebuilding a post-conflict society.

Although the effects of conflict on education are well documented, the continual decline of humanitarian aid in support of education during conflicts and in post-conflict situations is of increasing concern.  While there are many positive examples of governments and humanitarian organisations providing for education in conflict zones, these efforts are not always given the attention and support that is needed.  

This Bussola webinar examines the challenges faced in protecting access to education for children and young people during conflicts.  A panel of leading international experts in this field discussed these challenges and the conditions and supports necessary to ensure that educational opportunities are made available in conflict situations and in rebuilding post-conflict societies.