Pursuing Global Health Security after COVID-19

The current global pandemic continues to assert significant influence on all parts of daily life.  Although progress is being made in bringing the pandemic under control, challenges continue to arise, and large parts of the world are continuing to struggle to vaccinate their citizens. On 7 October 2021, the Bussola Institute held a webinar on “Enhancing Health Security through Multilateral Cooperation”, at which a panel of experts and academics concluded that greater international cooperation and collaboration will be paramount in ensuring global health security going forward.  Even as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, it will be necessary to take immediate action for improving global health security to address future pandemics.  

In this webinar, a high-level panel of diplomatic representatives and experts will examine how the lessons learned at national and regional levels in successfully addressing the pandemic can be translated into future multilateral policies and actions in support of global health security. The webinar will discuss how the development of good practices in Europe and the Gulf states through the course of the pandemic can assist in building effective leadership for global cooperation and multilateral action to ensure better preparedness for the next pandemic.