Promoting an EU-Gulf Climate Change Agenda: Water Security Priorities

The negative impact of climate change is increasingly affecting the security of water across the globe and the impact on water security in the Gulf region is profound.  Increases in water scarcity, the depletion of groundwater resources, coupled with rapid population growth, increased urbanisation, and policies related to water use, make the Gulf states highly vulnerable to water scarcity.  Gulf states have focused on supply-side management of water, manifested by the expansions in desalination, groundwater abstraction, surface water harvesting and the reuse of treated wastewater. The current emphasis on climate action provides an opportunity to review and reform water management policies and practices bringing about more emphasis on efficiency and demand-side management. 

Through the European Green Deal, the EU has identified a number of policies that are of particular relevance to water security in the Gulf and provide additional frameworks for closer cooperation and technology transfer between the EU and Gulf countries in addressing water security.  The co-authors of Bussola’s research report, “Promoting an EU-GCC Climate Change Agenda: Water Security Priorities”, joined this webinar to discuss how the EU and the Gulf states can further their cooperation for building a global sustainable path to water security through enhanced partnership.

The paper can be found here.