Euro-Gulf Regional Cybersecurity Collaboration

On 16 September 2021, the Bussola Institute held an online event entitled "Euro-Gulf Regional Cybersecurity Collaboration."

The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the enormous extent to which the physical world and cyberspace are intertwined. Cyberspace has a fundamental impact on normal day-to-day living in all its dimensions.

However, concerns over cybersecurity are increasing, as the continued reliance on the cyber world highlights potential vulnerabilities across all aspects of society. The growing mobility of information, services, people, and goods requires ever-evolving and more secure socio-technical infrastructure. Common practices of information sharing and joint training programmes that involve different entities through regional and global collaboration models are key enablers in this regard. 

This Bussola Institute webinar examines how cooperative models effectively bring together cybersecurity initiatives, leading to increased Euro-Gulf collaboration in support of cybersecurity innovation and entrepreneurship.