Enhancing Health Security through Multilateral Cooperation

The Covid-19 crisis is the greatest global health emergency in over a century. While extensive progress is being made in the provision of vaccines and medical interventions to prevent the spread of the virus, the world was not adequately prepared for a global pandemic of this scale. The pandemic highlights the need for greater international cooperation and solidarity to ensure effective action in support of global health security. 

Responsibility for action is shared across a range of stakeholders, with states and international organisations taking the lead role. But ensuring an effective response to a global pandemic is a sensitive issue, as national governments seek to protect their own societies before looking to support others. In a globalised world, no single state or society can either prevent the spread of a global pandemic or produce all of the needed medical responses, making multilateral cooperation essential. 

This webinar examined how the global community can best respond to the necessity for greater multilateral cooperation in the health field. In particular, it explored the potential for active collaboration between Europe and the Gulf in drawing on their own regional experiences of the pandemic to provide leadership for global cooperation and innovation in the field of health security.