On July 14, Ms Rosamaria Gili, Head of the Maghreb division at the European External Action Service, Dr Abdel Aziz Abu Hamad Aluwaisheg, Assistant Secretary General for Political and Negotiations Affairs at the Gulf Cooperation Council, and Dr Abdullah K. Al-Saud, Assistant Professor at Naif Arab University for Security Sciences, virtually gathered to discuss the way forward in Libya. The June 2020 Cairo Declaration proposed a ceasefire in Libya followed by the withdrawal of all foreign military forces and mercenaries and the disarming of the civilian population as the precursor to national elections for a new assembly. The EU and the leaders of Germany, France and Italy welcomed the Cairo initiative and called for a ceasefire based on the framework put forward at the January 2020 Berlin conference. During the webinar, the panel sought to explore the opportunities which may arise from the Cairo Declaration and subsequent support from the EU. It further aimed to examine the future prospects for a peaceful outcome to Libya’s challenges and to identify steps that are essential to facilitate the political process. This report presents the key points that were made during the virtual event.