H.E. Anna Diamantopoulou

Former Minister and EU Commissioner

H.E.Anna Diamantopoulou was European Commissioner for Employment Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities from 2004–1999.

A civil engineer by training, Diamantopoulou's political career began in 1984, when she was appointed as a Prefect of Kastoria. Two years later (1986), she was appointed as Secretary General for Adult Education and later for Youth. She was appointed President of the Hellenic Organization of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Handicraft (EOMMEX) in 1993 and left that position to become Secretary General for Industry.

Anna Diamantopoulou's parliamentary career began in 1996 when she was elected to represent the district of Korani. She was appointed as Deputy Minister for Development in charge of privatisation and industrial restructuring, a position she left in 1999 following her appointment as European Commissioner.

In 2009 she returned to national politics and was re-elected as a Member of Parliament. She served as Minister for Education, Lifelong Learning and Religious Affairs from 2012-2009. She also served for a brief period in 2012 as Minister for Development, Competitiveness and Shipping.

She is President of the DIKTIO, the network for Reform in Greece and Europe and she continues to be very active in European Affairs.