The Bussola Institute Review

April 2018 - March 2019

The Bussola Review 2018-2019 covers the first year of the Bussola Institute’s work from its headquarters in Brussels and internationally.

As the President of Bussola’s Honorary Advisory Board, HE President José María Aznar, declares in his opening message: ‘I am delighted that the Bussola Institute has been established as a centre for research into areas of mutual interest and a focus for engagement between the institutions of the European Union and the Gulf Co-operation Council’.

The review summarises and explains the work that Bussola carried out during the first twelve months of operation under the three main pillars of its research interests: political, economic and cultural.  It highlights some of the Institute’s early findings and points the way to further work that Bussola is now pursuing through a number of specific programmes.

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