Rebooting the Peace Process

What the EU and the GCC can do to revitalise Palestinian-Israeli peace negotiations

The Palestinian-Israeli conflict has been at the forefront of political debate concerning the Middle East region for more than 70 years.  Despite the latest US initiative, the international community seems unwilling and unable to make progress towards a comprehensive and equitable outcome for both Israel and Palestine.  Against this backdrop, this paper analyses the benefits of potential cooperation and collaboration between the European Union (EU) and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) in identifying new ways to approach this most intractable of challenges.

The paper argues that, in light of the reduced US commitment to, and involvement in, the region, and the lack of confidence in Washington’s role as a non-partisan actor, an opportunity is opening for the EU to work strategically with allies in the GCC to pursue a fresh approach to finding an effective means of breaking the impasse and building a new paradigm.  The paper explores potential new avenues for unlocking the present stasis using the Arab Peace Initiative (API) as a baseline framework for catalysing a revitalised Middle East peace process, underpinned by EU-GCC consensus.

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