Dr. Christian Koch, Senior Advisor at the Bussola Institute, participated in the Global Solutions Summit held in Berlin, Germany. The two-day event featured more than 1,200 participants from more than 100 countries to discuss core issues impacting global governance. The theme of the conference was “Recoupling Social and Economic Progress – Towards a Global Paradigm Change” in order to move in the direction of a more sustainable, future-orientated world order. The Global Solutions Summit is aimed to support the respective G20 Presidency in terms of a think tank network and policy support. This year’s summit was coordinated with the Japanese G20 Year while in the coming year it will support the Presidency of Saudi Arabia. Main themes that the meeting focused on were economic development and structural change, digitalization, globalisation and economic stability , governance and society, and climate change and sustainable development. German Chancellor Angela Merkel gave the keynote address on the second day.

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