On behalf of the Bussola Institute, Dr. Christian Koch, Senior Advisor, participated in the Strategy Session meeting of the Bertelsmann Foundation Project "Strategies for the European Neighborhood" held in Berlin, Germany. The project looks at how the policies of key states - Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Iran- impact the stability of the EU's neighborhood and what the EU must do to structure their relations with these countries in order to achieve common objectives. The Bussola Institute contributes to the project with providing a perspectives of the GCC states. The Strategy Session included a discussion of the activities of the project for 2019 which will include participation in the CEPS Lab meeting in Brussels on February 2019 and a roadshow through European capitals in the fall of 2019. The Bussola Institute will also hold a majlis discussion on the topic of "Stabilization Strategies for the European Neighborhood" in the framework of the project and in cooperation with the Bertelsmann Foundation on February 21st at the institute in Brussels.

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