The Arabian Peninsula : A New Regional Security Paradigm

The background to this seminar was as follows:

  • As regional security architecture in the Arabian Gulf is at the heart of the current discussions of post-Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) arrangements, it is rarely seen that the region at stake is not only around the Arabian Gulf.
  • The strategic space in which the GCC countries are operating has expanded to beyond the Arabian Gulf. The involvement of GCC countries in counter-terrorism operations in Iraq, their involvement in the NATO-led operations in Libya, their support to Egypt, the coalition that operates in Yemen under UNSCR 2216 and their peace-keeping efforts in the Horn of Africa all expand the strategic space to the entire region known as the Arabian Peninsula.
  • The Arabian Peninsula is surrounded by four seas and is at the heart of the battle for securing waterways for energy and trade. It is also at the heart of the global counter-terrorism and radicalization effort. This new strategic space will require a new understanding of regional security architecture and the way current and evolving coalitions and partnerships could be affected.
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