Arms Sales and Security in the Gulf

This Bussola workshop explored the dynamics of the international debate around sales of armaments and military equipment, with particular reference to the Gulf states.  While US and European manufacturers remain the principal sources of military supply for Gulf customers, the Workshop examined the extent to which these long-standing relationships are likely to endure, and whether […]

Dr. Christian Koch, Senior Advisor at the Bussola Instiute gave a talk on “The United States and Saudi Arabia: An Assessment“ at the 25th Strategic Planning and Analysis Seminar of the Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP). The seminar was held under the heading of the “The United States in the Middle East: Current and […]

The Bussola Institute with Dr. Mohammed Baharoon, Member of the Board of Directors, and Dr. Christian Koch, Senior Advisor took part in the first German-Arab Gulf Dialogue on Security and Cooperation organized by the German Federal Academy for Security Policy and the German-Arab Friendship Group (DAFG). The conference was held on the grounds of the […]

Dr. Christian Koch, Senior Advisor at the Bussola Institute participated in the 22nd annual Arab-German Business Forum organized by the Arab-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry and held in Berlin, Germany. The event brought together more than 500 participants and over 60 high-ranking speakers reflecting the high degree of interest in fostering Arab-German business relations. Specialized […]

The Bussola Institute Review

April 2018 – March 2019 The Bussola Review 2018-2019 covers the first year of the Bussola Institute’s work from its headquarters in Brussels and internationally. As the President of Bussola’s Honorary Advisory Board, HE President José María Aznar, declares in his opening message: ‘I am delighted that the Bussola Institute has been established as a […]

The European Council on Foreign Relations hosted a closed-door roundtable discussion on “Israel and the Middle East’s New Battlelines: What Implications for regional stability” in Brussels on June 18, 2019. Dr. Christian Koch, Senior Advisor to the Bussola Institute participated in the discussions by looking at the extent to which common animosity towards Iran is driving closer relations between Israel and […]

Dr. Christian Koch participated in a day-long program on “The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Insights, Views and Developments” organized by the Regional Programme Gulf States of the Konrad-Adenauer Foundation and held at Villa La Collina/Accademia in Italy. Dr. Koch provided an assessment of the status of Saudi-European relations. Other parts of the conference focused on […]

The East West Institute in Brussels hosted a roundtable discussion on “The JCPOA Crisis and Heightened Tensions between Iran and the United States” to look into the recent tensions in the Gulf region and its consequences. Speaking as part of the program, Julia Gurol from the Center for Applied Research in Partnership with the Orient (CARPO) […]