EU-GCC Cooperation on the Energy Transition

The Bussola Institute held an online event, entitled “EU-GCC Cooperation on the Energy Transition”, on Wednesday 31 March 2021. The current debate around climate change, the drive towards a zero-carbon economy, and the need for sustainable growth and development requires major changes in how energy is produced and consumed. The world is currently undergoing an […]

The Abraham Accords: A Way Forward for Sustainable Peace?

On 16 March 2021, the Bussola Institute held a webinar entitled “The Abraham Accords: A Way Forward for Sustainable Peace?”. On 15 September 2020, Israel and two Gulf states, the UAE and Bahrain, signed the “Abraham Accords”, a joint statement directed at the normalisation of relations between the signatories. Two further states, Morocco and Sudan, […]

Preparing young people to navigate more diverse societies

On 4 February 2021, the Bussola Institute held a special webinar with the #OECD​. To effectively navigate today’s world, our young people must be able to examine local, global and intercultural issues, understand and appreciate different perspectives and worldviews, interact openly and respectfully across different media platforms, and take responsible actions towards sustainability and collective […]

Trends and Opportunities in EU-GCC Trade Relations

On 25 August 2020, the Bussola Institute held a special webinar on trade in the context of EU-GCC relations. A panel of distinguished, experts, including former President of Ireland Dr Mary McAleese and current EU Commissioner for Trade Phil Hogan, and key policymakers from Europe and the Gulf delivered key insights and explored how the […]

Solidarity in A Time of Pandemic

On 5 August, 2020, the Bussola Institute held a unique ‘on-line’ cultural event reflecting on the themes of solidarity and shared experience during this unprecedented time of pandemic. Four celebrated musicians, Jean and Fiona Kelly, Attab Haddad and Louise Anne Duggan, from Arabic sounds and Western melodic flavours, showcasing fusion across world music: the lyrical […]

The Way Forward in Libya

On July 14, Ms Rosamaria Gili from the EEAS, Dr Abdel Aziz Abu Hamad Aluwaisheg, Assistant Secretary General, for Political and Negotiations Affairs, Gulf Cooperation Council, and Dr Abdullah K. Al-Saud virtually gathered to discuss the way forward in Libya. The June 2020 Cairo Declaration proposed a ceasefire in Libya followed by the withdrawal of […]

Technology, Research Networks and Knowledge Transfer

On 8 July, the Bussola Institute organised a webinar entitled “Technology, Research Networks and Knowledge Transfer: Promoting Collaboration and Investment between the GCC and the EU.” A distinguished panel of experts from Europe and the Gulf sought to explore how the EU and the GCC might develop stronger research networks to contribute to better and […]