Connectivity between the Gulf Cooperation Council and Asia

The relationship between the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries and Asian states, including China, India, Japan and South Korea, has long been complementary. While the focus of the GCC-Asia relationship has concentrated predominantly on the energy dimension, this represents only one part of what is becoming a more complex set of exchanges. Increasingly, a more […]

Arms Sales and Security in the Gulf

This Bussola workshop explored the dynamics of the international debate around sales of armaments and military equipment, with particular reference to the Gulf states.  While US and European manufacturers remain the principal sources of military supply for Gulf customers, the Workshop examined the extent to which these long-standing relationships are likely to endure, and whether […]

The Bussola Institute Review

April 2018 – March 2019 The Bussola Review 2018-2019 covers the first year of the Bussola Institute’s work from its headquarters in Brussels and internationally. As the President of Bussola’s Honorary Advisory Board, HE President José María Aznar, declares in his opening message: ‘I am delighted that the Bussola Institute has been established as a […]

Stabilising the EU Neighbourhood

The Bussola Institute together with the Bertelsmann Foundation and its project “Strategies for the EU Neighbourhood” held a majlis discussion on the role of the key states of Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Iran, the so-called “neighbours of the neighbours” of the EU, in the stabilisation process for the EU’s eastern and southern neighbourhood. There […]

The Values That Bind Us: Tolerance and Inter-Faith Dialogue

Report on Bussola Institute ‘Majlis’February 12, 2019Reported prepared by: Angus Taverner This Bussola Institute Majlis dealt with important questions concerning shared values, the importance of inter-faith understanding and dialogue and considered what future steps might be taken to encourage peaceful co-existence, inculcate mutual respect and build more tolerant societies, particularly from a religious dimension.This inter-faith […]