The Bussola Institute joined an event hosted by the Brussels office of the German Hanns-Seidel-Foundation on “China and the European Union: Partners or Rivals – Distrust or Confidence.” The event was held in the format of a debate series which included among others Prof. Dr. Angelika Niebler, MEP and a former head of the Committee […]

The Bussola Institute participated in a conference organized by the Renew Europe political group of the European Parliament on the topic of “Back from the Brink: What’s next for Iran and the Middle East?”. The event was hosted by Nathalie Loiseau, MEP from France and Martin Horwood, MEP from the UK. The two session focused […]

The Bussola Institute participated in the event “2020: What’s to come – The year ahead in foreign policy” organised by the European Union Institute for Strategic Studies and held in Brussels. The event brought together 100 people from the European institutions and policy community. Panels discussions focused on the relations with Russia, Africa and China, […]

The Bussola Institute spoke at a policy dialogue event organized by the European Policy Centre in Brussels on the topic of “The US-Iran Crisis: Impact and implications for the region, Europe and beyond.” The event brought together 70 participants with a wide-ranging debate about the future course of US-Iran relations, the role of the GCC […]

The Bussola Institute took part in a report presentation hosted by the German Marshall Fund (GMF) and RAND Europe on “Trends in Turkish Foreign Policy and Implications for the U.S.-Turkish Strategic Partnership.” The report and subsequent panel discussion highlighted the continued polarisation in Turkish domestic politics alongside Turkey’s attempt to balance its foreign relations between […]

Adel Al-Jubair, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia spoke at two events in which the Bussola Institute participated. The first organized by the Egmont Institute was entitled “Bilateral Relations between Saudi Arabia and Belgium & the Situation in the Middle East” while the second involved a private dinner discussion […]

The Bussola Institute spoke at a discussion hosted by the Permanent Representation of the Federal Republic of Germany to the European Union on regional security in the Gulf region focusing on possible elements of a dialogue process in the Gulf and the current outlook for de-escalation in the region. The discussion brought together representatives of EU […]

The Bussola Institute held discussion with Christian Eggenhofer, Senior Research Fellow and Director of the Energy Climate House at the Center for European Policy Studies (CEPS) in Brussels. The meeting focused on the climate change research that each institute is pursuing and how the two sides can cooperate with one another.

The Bussola Institute spoke at a roundtable discussion hosted by the European Institute of Peace in Brussels on “Opportunities for a confidence-building dialogue in the MENA region: What role for the EU?” The event brought together heads of Middle East department at respective Ministry of Foreign Affairs department from the EU member states as well […]

The Bussola Institute participated in the conference hosted by the B’huth Dubai Public Policy Research Centre on “GCC States in a Multipolar World: Red Sea as a Platform” highlighting recent initiatives such as regional cooperation mechanisms and the dynamics of multipolarity in the Red Sea. The Bussola Institute chaired one of the conference sessions. The […]