The Values That Bind Us: A Conversation On Religious Tolerance And The Potential For Inter-Faith Dialogue

Following Pope Francis’ historic and widely acclaimed visit to the United Arab Emirates last week, the Brussels-based policy research centre, The Bussola Institute, assembled a diverse group of senior clerics, theologians and religious experts for a ‘Majlis’ – an open discussion – to consider the issues of tolerance, interfaith understanding, mutual respect and countering extremism. […]

Post-Oil Economies: Opportunities and Threats

On Tuesday 9th October 2018, the Bussola Institute launched a research paper entitled “Post-Oil Economies: Opportunities and Threats” at a Round-Table event involving representatives of a number of leading Brussels Think Tanks, universities and other institutions. The Bussola Institute is an independent, not-for-profit, non-governmental organisation based in Brussels, established to foster and enhance relations between […]

Bussola Institute’s Dublin Event Showcases Unique Experience on Engagement with the EU

The Bussola Institute, an independent non-governmental Brussels-based research institute, held a series of events in Dublin last week on the theme of Tolerance, Diversity and Inclusion. The Bussola Institute promotes multicultural relations between the Arab Gulf States and the European Union on political, social, economic, security and cultural issues that affect policy making in Europe […]