Accelerating the Transformation - Technology, COVID and the Future of Work
12:00 - 13:00 Online Event

Accelerating the Transformation - Technology, COVID and the Future of Work

The report of the event can be found here.

Over recent years, countries in Europe and the Gulf have been grappling with restructuring their economies to provide appropriate employment opportunities for a diversified population in a rapidly changing labour market. While key aspects to be examined in this context will continue to include the increasing role of technology and artificial intelligence in the workplace, global mobility and how best to promote diversity and inclusion in tomorrow’s labour markets, COVID-19 and its economic consequences have further intensified the challenges involved.  

This urgently requires more creative approaches to post-pandemic employment, in a scenario where remote working has become normalised and re-imagining the workplace to accommodate hybrid models of working has become a key issue. While progress towards gender equality remains uneven, the post-pandemic world of work potentially presents opportunities to make further progress on the situation of women and girls and avoid losing the gains already made in this area.

In this webinar, the Bussola Institute will bring together a number of leading experts in this field to address the key topics facing today’s jobs market both in Europe and across the Gulf region. The event will explore areas in which European and Gulf counterparts can work together in terms of future research and action, with a view to identifying essential lessons arising from the radical shifts in the way we live and work and the acceleration of these trends being brought about by the COVID-19 crisis.  It will also explore the interventions and supports needed to ensure that women are positioned to exploit the opportunities emerging in the rapidly evolving world of work.